3 Manitoba Youths Arrested for Social Media Threats

Manitoba Post StaffNews

MANITOBA – There have been three separate reports of social media threats in three separate communities on Tuesday, December 18th.

Starting at 12:10 pm. students at R.D. Parker Collegiate in Thompson received social media threats. A youth who attends the school was arrested.

Then at 8:10 pm. RCMP received a report that students at Carmen Collegiate were the target of social media threats. Again, a male youth who is a student at the school was arrested.

Finally, at 10:20 pm. Beausejour RCMP received a report of social media threats towards students at École Edward Schreyer School. Another youth from the RM of Springfield was arrested. He was also a student at the school.

The three boys range in age from 13 to 17-years-old.

The Manitoba RCMP reminds parents and guardians to speak to their children about social media responsibility. It is also an opportunity to speak to their children about what to do if they see an online threat.

“Talk to you children about what they are doing and saying online. Remind them that their actions on social media can have serious consequences and can lead to criminal charges,” said Corporal Julie Courchaine of the Manitoba RCMP. “If your children see something concerning online, ensure they know to immediately alert you, to contact police, or notify a teacher.”