Air 1 Aids Police Chase for Stolen Vehicle

Manitoba Post StaffNews

WINNIPEG – Police arrested four suspects in a stolen vehicle after Air1 tracked them through the North End of the city.

On December 9 at 10:25 pm, police spotted a stolen vehicle driving erratically and without taillights. The patrol units backed off while Air 1 tracked them. During the chase one passenger ran from the vehicle and was picked up by police.

The vehicle continued on, trying to evade police but eventually stopped on Gilbert Avenue where the three remaining occupants fled. Police picked them up nearby with the assistance of Air 1.

The vehicle was reported stolen from a residence in East St. Paul on November 27th.

31 year-old Ashley Nicole Fisher faces charges of possession of property over $5,000 and was processed on two outstanding warrants.

24 year-old Braiden Frederick Roy Williams has been charged with Possession of property over $5,000 and was also processed for an outstanding warrant.

25 year-old Crystal Lynn Carnochan has been charged with possession of property over $5,000.

All three were held in custody.

As well, a 30-year-old woman has been arrested for possession of property over $5,000 but was released on a promise to appear