Are You Eligible to Vote in Winnipeg

Manitoba Post StaffNews

WINNIPEG – Are you eligible to vote in the City of Winnipeg Municipal and School Boards Election this October 24th?

The City of Winnipeg has launched an online voter registration tool to improve the accuracy of the Voters List.

This new online tool, which can be accessed at, ensures that voters can confirm, update or add their information. By doing so, individuals will ensure they receive a Voters Notice in the fall detailing their Election Day and advance voting locations prior to heading to the polls.

The City utilizes the National Register of Electors, compiled by Elections Canada, as the basis for the Voters List. However it is still important for residents who live in a newly developed area or who have recently changed their name or address to update their voter information.

Beginning this week, residents across the city will receive registration cards advising them of their options to update or confirm their voter information. Ensuring that the correct information is captured on the Voters List accelerates the overall voting process.

All voters must be Canadian citizens, a resident of the city of Winnipeg since April 24, 2018 and 18 years of age on Election Day.

If your name is not on the list and you meet the voter eligibility criteria, you can still cast a ballot by presenting your ID and taking an oath at your voting location. All voters are required to provide valid identification.