Beware of Phone Scam Impersonating “Winnipeg Cops for Kids”

Manitoba PostNews

WINNIPEG, MB. – Winnipeg Police are warning the public of a phone scam impersonating “Winnipeg Cops for Kids:.

Over the past couple of months, the organizers of Winnipeg Cops for Kids have been told that some people in the city have been called for either cash or credit card information over the phone by a “Cops for Kids,” organization and that the callers are aggressive in nature.

The Winnipeg Cops for Kids bicycle relay team does not conduct any fundraising over the phone and certainly would never use an aggressive manner to purport their message.

If you want to learn more about Cops for Kids in a safe manner, click here for the team’s website.

The team will begin their 12th tour on September 10, 2018 when they begin their ride from the Winnipeg Police headquarters to Tucson, AZ all in support of the Children’s Wish Foundation.

Kevin Klein, Manitoba Post