Birth Control Pill Recall


WINNIPEG, MB – Birth control pills sold in Canada are being recalled due to potential ineffectiveness.

According to Health Canada, Apotex Inc. is voluntarily recalling one lot of Alysena 28 birth control pill (lot LF10133A) after receiving complaints about chipped pink pills in sealed blister packages.

Alysena 28 is a prescription drug used to prevent pregnancy. It contains 21 “active” pink pills and 7 “inactive” white pills. Active pills that are chipped may contain less of the active drug ingredients, which could reduce the drugs effectiveness in preventing pregnancy.

The company is asking that you take the following steps before taking the pill;

Check your pills before and after taking them out of the blister package. Do not consume a pill if it looks unusual, for example, it is chipped, has jagged edges or is broken.

Examine both sides of each pill thoroughly before taking it. It may not be immediately obvious from looking at the blister package that there is a problem with the pills, since the underside of the pill cannot be seen while in the blister pack.

Health Canada is telling consumers, if you have a package with an unusual looking pill, return it to your pharmacy for a replacement package.

Laura Manning, Manitoba Post

Photo – Health Canada website