Chill On The Way

Manitoba Post StaffNews

WINNIPEG – How long will the calm and relatively balmy weather we saw last? With some blowing snow and wind picking up to 60 km/h this afternoon, not long at all. It’s looking a lot like the weather patterns are turning around to more seasonable temperatures. While temperature in Manitoba is as high as -1.9 in Sprague today, with some snow in Winnipeg where it’s -4, there’s no question a big switch is coming to the skies. The only question is whether a big storm system is coming along with it.

While the wind will die down this evening, it will still be strong enough to give us a chill of -16, and some low pressure is coming in from the west. That means strong arctic high pressure will follow it, sending Manitoba temperatures drop into the -11 to -15 range, and overnight lows around -25 in parts of the province.

In the long ranger though, it’s likely the extra chilly weather we’ll see over the next few days will move quickly, with warmer but still seasonal temperatures blowing in by the end of next week.

Our average temperature ranges around this time of year are highs between -23 and -6, and lows between -34 and -15.