Constable ‘Scarecrow’ Debuts in B.C.


COQUITLAM, B.C. — The RCMP is borrowing an idea from the United Kingdom by using a cut−out of a police officer to try and slow down traffic in Coquitlam, B.C.

The Mounties have dubbed the life−sized figure “Constable Scarecrow,” which will be used on roads in the community in a pilot project for the next two months.

The metal poster cut−out shows a police officer in a bright yellow RCMP jacket holding up a laser speed−reader.

Sgt. Quentin Frewing says in a news release similar cut−outs have been used in the U.K. but the Mounties “haven’t seen it used here in combination with scientific monitoring.”

Frewing says it’s “a low−cost, good−humoured way” to improve the police presence that might also make people think twice about speeding.

The Mounties are not revealing the exact locations where the cut−out will be used, saying several problem speeding locations will be a likely priority.

The Canadian Press

Constable 'Scarecrow' Debuts in B.C.