CWE Wrestling Wows St. Vital Fans

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WINNIPEG – Excited young families and their neighbours came out for the St. George Block Party and were thrilled by the feature attraction, a special Canadian Wrestling’s Elite outdoor edition.

Enhanced by contributions from St. Vital MLA Colleen Mayer (Minister of Crown Services), area Councilor Brian Mayes, Good News Fellowship church, and volunteers, there was kids activities and races, free food, lemonade and iced tea, rock painting, and a cake eating contest. Just some of the fun before the unprecedented Frontyard (as opposed to Backyard) Wrestling card capped it off. –

The opening bout saw the King of Transcona, Scott Ripley, fall short of his vow to extend his monarchy southward when The Rebel Bobby Collins took to air to flatten the youngster and take a popular victory.

Coun. Brian Mayes congratulated the organizers for bringing the community together on a sunny Saturday and expressed his appreciation, as a longtime fan of pro wrestling, for CWE and the crew donating their time and effort to bring top quality action right into the neighbourhood.

In the second match, Sudden Sam Davidson caught up and upended a fleeing Adam Race, whose loss rebuked his claim a recent default victory over a hobbled Hotshot.

Post- match, Race insisted he was nonetheless the toughest man in the locker room, a taunt that Darren ‘The Bomb’ Dalton was quick to forcefully dispute. That resulted in Kevin O’Doyle emerging to insist his performance on the 38 day CWE Decade of Dominance tour established his credentials as resident tough guy.

No sooner had the Boston Bruiser tried to provoke Dalton than the music of his tag team partner proclaimed that Outlaw Adam Knight was there to even up the odds. Sports Commissioner Dave Petro granted their request and a torrid tag bout became the main event as the crowd cheered.

The Old School Outlaws took great delight in beating on the braggadocious Race before Knight lariatoed O’Doyle for a pin to send the assembly into a gleeful cheer. After thanking the hardworking organizers and happy fans on St. George Street, the victorious tag team joined Manitoba Wrestling Hall of Famer Fred “Puppy Dog” Peloquin, former Canadian Heavyweight Champion Suicide Stan Saxon, and Dr. Marty Goldstein at ringside for some fellowship and reminiscing.

If your organization or neighborhood group would like to contact CWE Wrestling about booking a special card as part of your event, contact The next scheduled CWE show is on Friday night, June 28th at Rookies Sports Bar.

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