$77K In COVID Fines

Manitoba Post StaffNews

WINNIPEG – The number of tickets being handed out by public health order enforcement officers is down, but, with six $5,000 fines issued to businesses, the latest total was up by $6,000.

The province says 48 tickets were given out over the past week, with a total price tag of $77,000. While the quantity of fines is down from the 55 given around the beginning of the new year, fewer businesses getting fined meant it only cost those ticketed a total of $71,000.

This time, in addition to the six tickets given to businesses, eight were given to people for not wearing masks at an indoor public venue, and 33 tickets for nearly $1,300 were given to people for various other offences under emergency health measures. The province says 22 of those were in response to gatherings at private homes.

Since enforcement started in April, 720 tickets and more than 2,200 warnings have been issued by multiple agencies. 3,300 people have been authorized to help enforce the code-red measures, and more than $1 million in fines have now been collected.