eRegistration Comes to Manitoba


WINNIPEG, MB. – The Property Registry has officially launched Manitoba’s new electronic registration.

it is hoped that the new eRegistration will modernize and improve the efficiency, security, and quality of land titles filing in the province.

“The new eRegistration system moves Manitoba forward in helping to create a secure, digital and paperless method of filing land titles documents. This is a significant milestone for The Property Registry which gives Manitobans a better land title service. With eRegistration in place, we anticipate improved service times and a more efficient process for our clients.” Said Nancy Anderson, General Manager of The Property Registry.

eRegistration will automate the submission and registration of title-related documents. The system works with all combinations of land title registration forms, and was built to extract data from the land titles secure digital smart forms. The flexibility and accuracy of eRegistration will reduce many of the errors and omissions currently found in paper-based submissions.

Manitobans will experience a more secure and improved service that includes shorter wait times, and significant improvements to the land titles search and registration process.

“Manitobans can expect to have shorter wait times for documents to be finalized on their behalf when they buy or sell a property. We are proud to be a part of the launch of this innovative method of filing electronic land title documents.” Elgin Farewell, President & CEO of Teranet siad in a release.

The new system will become mandatory on April 3, 2018 for all lawyers, financial institutions, and any users who file more than 500 land title documents per year. Users who file more than 100 land titles documents per year will be required to use the new service as of October 1 of next year.

The Manitoba Post

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