Florists Blooming Despite COVID

Manitoba Post StaffNews

WINNIPEG – Data from two horticultural organizations is showing continued flourishing of Manitoba florists and garden centres despite COVID-19 response impacting many other industries. Several florists throughout Winnipeg are pointing to increased sales since the start of the pandemic, throughout several changes in rules around what businesses could be open and how they were allowed to operate.

With 2020’s explosion of delivery and curbside pickup orders, especially around holidays like Mother’s Day and Christmas, one of the biggest challenges for those who deal in plants isn’t finding customers but the logistics of getting products into their stores to keep up with demand. Those who are growing flowers and other plants can’t seem to be able to grow and ship them fast enough.

Experts say a lot of that increase in demand is thanks to efforts to encourage people to support local, smaller flower shops. The Canadian Federation of Independent Business says Manitobans have been intentional in buying local, and small shops have made a lot of progress to pivot in offering curbside service in a way that makes them more attractive to many than larger retailers.

The Canadian Garden Council has also seen an increase in people caring for indoor gardens. That’s in spite of the struggles that greenhouses experienced during restrictions brought on by the first wave of COVID-19. The Canadian Horticultural Therapy Association says that’s in part because many bought houseplants as a way to reduce stress.