Getting Seeds Ready For Spring

Manitoba Post StaffNews

I’m thinking ahead this time of year. Here’s how I prepare seeds for planting in the spring.

Sneaky Soil

Timing is everything. Many seeds will hibernate until they think winter is over. I like to trick them into growing by keeping them cold and wet for a few months. I put them in with moist soil in plastic bags, and throw them in my shed or refrigerator. This also keeps them away from birds, squirrels, and the risk of flooding.

Soften the Shell

Some seeds have a kind of shell that water will need to penetrate. You could nick them with a little file, but I like to leave some of my seeds in my warm sun room for a couple of months before throwing them in the fridge as described above. If you have a porch that gets lots of sunlight, that works too. The key is making sure the soil is wet enough to soften that outer coating.

Start with Sprouting

Seeds that are chilled will start to sprout once they spend enough time chilling. It would take anywhere from two months to four. Watch them closely: One day they’re in their sleeping bag snoozing away, and the next they have roots. Either plant them in a pot or keep let them chill out until it’s time to plant them outside.

Happy winter gardening!

– Bev R. Bee