Hatchet Weilding Robbers Apprehended

Manitoba Post StaffNews

Hatchet and knife wielding robbers are apprehended after bystanders lead police to them.

Yesterday at noon two men robbed a retail outlet at a mall on McPhillips Street. They took clothing from one of the stores inside the mall and when security guards approached them one of the suspects raised a hatchet over his head and threatened the guards.

They fled on foot and when the security guards tried to follow the other suspect produced a knife and they both began swinging their weapons in the direction of the victims.

When police arrived, bystanders alerted them to the the direction the suspects had run and they were soon caught. Fortunately no one was injured.

24 year-old Brandon Alexander Leach has been charged with robbery, possessing a weapon and uttering threats. He has been held in custody.

A 33-year-old male of Winnipeg has been arrested for robbery, possessing a weapon, and uttering threats.