Hot Eats In Winnipeg – King & Bannatyne

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WINNIPEG, MB – Owner Mike Buono is a straightforward kind of guy. His fabulous sandwich restaurant is located at the corner of King and Bannatyne, so it seemed appropriate to name it King + Bannatyne. The restaurant was bustling over the lunch hour when we paid a visit.

“Counter service” is a restaurant style that ensures that the fare is prepared efficiently but still made to order. As soon as you enter, you proceed to the counter to have your sandwich assembled, then you search for an open table. This operational decision results in an entirely fresh and personalized sandwich that tastes amazing from your first to your last bite.

My lunch date raved about her River City Brisket sandwich. She said it was the perfect ratio of meat and appreciated the tenderness as well as the bold taste from the spicy rub and house-made mustard.

Pairing my love of both pork and cilantro, the Bann-Mi was an obvious choice for me. King + Bannatyne’s ode to a Vietnamese sub sandwich was chock full of just cut pork roast and spritely tastes of cilantro and cucumber. Even the bun was a testament to freshness.

If you are vegetarian, fear not, as chef Tyrone is always experimenting with new and delectable versions of veggie sandwiches.

Reviews and photos by Kathryne Grisim

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