Hot Eats in Winnipeg – The Tallest Poppy

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WINNIPEG, MB – If comfort food is what you crave, The Tallest Poppy is your answer. Here, it’s acceptable to order fried chicken and waffles for breakfast, and take joy in the maple syrup enriching the buttermilk coating of the chicken. A similar extravagance is achieved with its tender beef brisket – and if you miss your chance at breakfast, each of these meaty treats gets turned into a sandwich for lunch and a main for dinner.

Do not skip out on the cocktail menu, the Caesar is second-to-none with fresh-made salsa verde, jalapeno hot sauce and cilantro co-mingling perfectly in this heavy favourite.

Dinner options include a bison meat loaf, trifecta burger (bison, beef and pork), and sausage stew. Indulgent breakfasts start at 11 a.m. Tuesday to Thursday, and early mornings Friday to Sunday, and The Tallest Poppy is open late until 11 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.

By Roger Monk

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