Hot Eats Winnipeg – Featuring Halong Bay


WINNIPEG, MB – Conveniently located in the neighbourhood of the Health Sciences Centre, the place was abuzz with staff members from the nearby hospitals.

We started our meal with Spicy Beef Noodle Soup which may sound pretty typical, but it was anything but ordinary. The beef was succulent and tender, with an abundance of noodles and a sensational broth. When the other dishes arrived, I was still entranced by the soup, wondering with each spoonful how they made the savoury broth.

The Rice Vermicelli Combo noted as a house specialty came next. I passed over the spring rolls and enjoyed the rest of the lettuce, sprouts, meat and peanuts. I was very, very impressed. I haven’t had such a fine noodle bowl in quite some time. The harmony and balance of noodles and lettuce ribbons made perfect sense, a taste I now crave on an ongoing basis.

We also sampled one of the restaurant’s daily specials: a Singapore noodle dish packed full of egg, bean sprouts, carrot, green pepper, onion and curried shrimp. The curry seasoning was an exotic combination of spices with a little heat (from the addition of chilies), without searing the taste buds and removing appreciation for the other flavours.

Reviews and photos by Kathryne Grisim

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