Hot Eats Winnipeg – The Sushi Terrace

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WINNIPEG, MB – Located deep in the Westwood neighbourhood of St. James/Assiniboia, Sushi Terrace is worth the navigation time.

We commenced with a tempura basket including two savory spring rolls, two succulent prawns and a bevy of veggies including squash, sweet potato, broccoli and more. The sweet chili and soy dipping sauces were more than plentiful. The bulging basket is enough food for a meal on its own!

Next up were our three rolls of choice: the Burning Love special, the Happy Mouth (I got a kick out of the name) and the Crunch Roll. The Burning Love was a delicious melding of cucumber, red roe, shrimp and torched salmon. The Happy Mouth lived up to its name with variations of the above and silky avocado added for good measure. My favourite, however, was the Crunch Roll, as I love the popping sensation of the fish eggs with the additional crunch of crispy panko flakes.

Reviews and photos by Kathryne Grisim

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