Impromptu Vehicle Inspections Produce Abysmal Results

Manitoba Post StaffNews

An impromptu inspection of 12 commercial vehicles produced abysmal results with three vehicles failing inspection, seven vehicles failing inspection and were taken out of service, and 17 tickets were issued for violations.

Some of the safety-related defects found included:

Brakes contaminated with oil

Flat Tires

No headlamps

Defective Seatbelts

Driver’s door not closing

Loose brake calipers

Tires contacting steering components

Broken brake discs

Broken windshields

Defective drive shaft

Tires with sidewall cuts /no tread/tread missing

Windshield wiper defects

Air Brake defects

Lighting defects

Unsafe vehicles pose a risk to motorists and pedestrians. The Winnipeg Police Service Traffic Division reminds drivers it is their responsibility to ensure their vehicle operates safely. Take time to check for regular maintenance, that equipment works and that loads are properly secured and compliant with regulations.