Jack Jacobs Bomber Card

Christopher M. DiogoNews

WINNIPEG – Jack Jacobs was a prolific football player from the 1940’s and 50’s.

Born in Oklahoma, he began his career with the Cleveland Rams but his final years were spent as the quarterback of our Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

As a Bomber, Jacobs was a CFL all-star for three straight years and he completed 709 of 1,330 passes for 11,094 yards.

In fact, Jacobs’ contribution to the team was so significant and attracted so many new fans, when Winnipeg Stadium was constructed, it was known as “The House That Jack Built.”

Considering his Muskogee Creek heritage, Jacobs is remembered as one of the most significant Indigenous figures in this city’s history so far.

In 1954, card manufacturer Blue Ribbon commemorated Jacobs by featuring him as the number one football card in its sports series.

This card was featured and sold on eBay this year. It was graded a seven out of 10 by PSA (Professional Sports Authenticator) which is the highest grade ever given to this particular card and as a result, it sold for over $630.

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