Landlords Get Help Evicting Criminal Tenants

Manitoba Post StaffNews

WINNIPEG – Landlords will be getting help from the province when it comes to evicting tenants who are breaking the law and putting others at risk.

A new fact sheet that clarifies the process for evicting difficult tenants was launched to give landlords the clarity and guidance they need so that they can protect their property.

If a landlord wants to evict a tenant engaging in unlawful or unsafe activity, a hearing must be requested through the Residential Tenancies Branch (RTB). For these types of applications, the RTB will schedule hearings on short notice. The new Landlords’ Fact Sheet clarifies the evidence that landlords may submit to support an order of possession application. This includes:

  • video, photographs or audio evidence of the incident(s) in question;
  • incident reports, warning letters or written confirmation from law enforcement agencies that unlawful activity is taking place in the rental unit (incident numbers are not sufficient);
  • any incident reports from security staff, property managers, maintenance, paramedics, fire department, health and bylaw inspectors, alarm companies or police that proves the behaviour may be escalating;
  • verbal or written statements from anyone who has direct knowledge of the tenant’s conduct; and
  • financial statements or receipts for repairs.
  • To further assist landlords and tenants, Manitoba Justice’s Public Safety Investigation Unit (PSIU) provides dedicated support to all Manitobans who are concerned about illegal drugs and other dangerous activities occurring in their residential neighbourhoods. The PSIU can help landlords gather the evidence necessary to secure an order of possession, the minister added.