Large Marihuana Grow Op Discovered on Driftwood Bay

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WINNIPEG, MB – Police discover a marihuana grow operation and charged a 61-year-old Winnipeg man.

Wednesday, police searched a home in the100 block of Driftwood Bay. Police said an investigation discovered that a medical marihuana production licence had been fraudulently obtained.

A number of items have been seized including the following:

  • 463 Cannabis Marihuana plants in three stages of growth (with a potential street value of $518,560.00)
  • 225 Cannabis Marihuana plants recently harvested and drying (with a potential street value of $252,000.00)
  • $30,900.00 worth of grow equipment

As a result, a 61-year-old man of Winnipeg has been charged with:

  • Produce a Scheduled Substance – Cannabis (Marihuana)
  • Possession of a Scheduled Substance for the Purpose of Trafficking – Cannabis (Marihuana)

Kevin Klein, Manitoba Post

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