Leo Mol Figurine

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WINNIPEG – Leonid Molodozhanyn, better known as Leo Mol, was a Ukrainian-Canadian artist renowned for his glass art, paintings and most notably his sculpting talents.

He was taught the art of ceramics in his father’s pottery workshop in Russia and showed real promise in his early years. Mol eventually pursued a career in the field, refining his skills by studying various forms of art in Vienna, Berlin and Leningrad.

He was deported to Germany during the occupation of Russia. Mol eventually emigrated with his wife to Winnipeg in 1948.

He’s been celebrated as one of the most influential Winnipeg artists, completing more than 80 stained glass windows found throughout many of our city’s churches. Mol also donated a couple hundred bronze sculptures to the city of Winnipeg..

More than 300 of his works are on display at the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden in Assiniboine Park where there’s also a dedicated gallery and renovated studio.

This porcelain figurine of an Inuit hunter with a seal is one of Mol’s hand-crafted items made in 1958 which just sold on eBay in November for $1000!

Leo Mol Porcelain Figurine

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Leo Mol Porcelain Figurine