Liberal MLA Calls on Pallister Government to Establish Indigenous Health Advocate


WINNIPEG – Manitoba Liberal MLA for Kewatinook, Judy Klassen, is calling on the Minister of Health to institute an Indigenous Health Advocate within Manitoba’s health care system.

“I stand here today, willing and wanting to work with this government to find solutions to the many issues Indigenous people face when navigating Manitoba’s health care system,” said Klassen. “An Indigenous Health Advocate would be our voice within the health care system. They would be our support system.”

Indigenous Manitobans lost a major support system when the Pallister government cancelled the Northern Patient Escort Program.

“We need someone who can speak on our behalf. Who will listen to our concerns, and address our concerns, because right now, this government is ignoring our pleas for help,” said Klassen.

Many people leave the hospital unsure of what care they’ve received and how to move forward. An Indigenous Health Care Advocate would answer those questions and advocate for proper care right across the province, said Klassen.

“We have a real opportunity here to change the course of how Indigenous people are treated within Manitoba’s health care system. There is strength in numbers,” said Klassen.