Machete Wielding Robber Terrorizes Downtown Pedestrians

Manitoba Post StaffNews

WINNIPEG – A man wielding a machete caused panic downtown, threatening security staff and robbing several stores before he was apprehended.

The suspect was first approached by security staff in a business on Donald Avenue. They asked him to turn over his machete, but he refused and instead threatened staff and fled.

Next he entered a department store on Portage Avenue. Wearing a mask and armed with a machete, he stole numerous items from the store and then left.

His next stop was a store nearby, where he attempted to steal two more bags but security staff were able to retrieve them. He threatened them with his machete however and was able to get away. Before police arrived, the suspect left the shopping mall and ran through downtown holding his machete, frightening pedestrians and prompting several more calls to police.

When police arrived, security were able to direct them to his location. When confronted by police he refused to put down his machete and as a result officers used a taser to take him into custody.

24 year-old nLeslie Boyd Cook has been charged with:

Possess Weapon

Fail to Comply with Condition Recognizance X2

Robbery X2

Assault with a Weapon X2

He has been detained at the Winnipeg Remand Centre.