Manitoba Business Fined $50,000 for Safety Violations

Manitoba Post StaffNews

WINNIPEG – Manitoba courts have ordered more than $50,000 in penalties after Convey-All Industries were prosecuted for violations of the Workplace Safety and Health Act and Regulations.

The fines resulted from an incident on June 17, 2016 when Convey-All Industries Inc. workers were cleaning the rollers of a Cidan Panel Roll Former. Roll formers are used to leave impressions (corrugations) in sheet metal. One of the workers held the machine’s hand controller and ‘jogged’ the rollers while he simultaneously wiped the rollers with a rag that he held in his other hand. A second worker sprayed a cleaning solution onto the rollers as the first worker wiped them clean. The first worker’s gloved left hand was pulled into the rollers. The worker was treated for crushing injuries to his hand. Convey-All Industries Inc. pleaded guilty to failing to develop safe work procedures for the cleaning of the roll former. The employer was ordered to pay $50,050 in fines and penalties.