Manitoba Could Save Hundreds of Thousands in Advertising Costs


WINNIPEG, MB. – Minister Cathy Cox is proposing some legislative changes that would improve access to various government notices by publishing them online and free of charge on a weekly basis.

“We want to remove barriers to the way we share information,” said Cox. “We’ve noticed that Manitobans are moving more and more toward online sources to receive their news and information. As the preferred method to share information continues to evolve, we wish to modernize our approach with the Manitoba Gazette to give Manitobans free access to up-to-date information.”

The Manitoba Gazette has been the official government publication since July 1871 and is used to publish government and public notices required by provincial statute or regulation, such as legal and estate notices, public hearings and name changes. Legislation also requires the government to announce certain actions in newspapers.

The government notices modernization act would amend provisions in 24 statutes that relate to publishing official notices. Changes would allow the Manitoba Gazette to become an online publication, remove fees for subscriptions and copies, and replace the requirement to publish in a newspaper with the requirement or option of publishing in the online Manitoba Gazette for the affected statutes.

Cox noted that all affected departments would still have the option to advertise in newspapers, as they deem necessary.

“The goal of these amendments is to remove financial restrictions and open online access to all Manitobans, instead of limiting publication to specific regions and paid subscribers,” said Cox.

The minister noted Manitoba is behind most Canadian jurisdictions in making current editions of government notices available to the public online.

The Manitoba Gazette was originally distributed in print format to paid subscribers. In 2014, the province discontinued paper copies and currently emails a weekly edition to subscribers for an annual fee of $100.

Archived issues are available to the public at the end of each year online, click here.

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