Manitoba Jobs Returning

Manitoba Post StaffNews

WINNIPEG – The unemployment rates for June are out.

In Manitoba, the joblessness improved to 10.1 per cent. That’s down from 11.2 in May.

This province leads the country in student employment and saw an increase of 28,900 in overall employment from May to June.

“Thanks to the efforts of all Manitobans and based on advice from our public health officials, we continued to move forward in our phased-in approach to restarting our economy and returning Manitobans to work in June,” said Finance Minister Scott Fielding. “With increases in May and June, over 40 per cent of Manitobans who lost employment due to COVID-19 are already back at work.”

Across the country, unemployment dropped to 12.3 per cent from 13.7.

Statistics Canada says almost a million Canadians got back to work last month after a record May.