Mountie Accused Of Speeding

Manitoba Post StaffNews

WINNIPEG – Manitoba’s police oversight agency says they’re investigating a report of an RCMP officer who was seen speeding in southeastern Manitoba. This week the RCMP informed the Independent Investigation Unit of allegations that an officer had driven a police vehicle at speeds higher than were legally required. The notification states the cruiser was traveling down Hwy 59 between Niverville and St. Pierre. Since the investigation is ongoing, just how fast the vehicle was going isn’t getting disclosed.

There have been several cases brought before the I.I.U. in the last few months. On the same day the police vehicle is said to have been observed speeding, RCMP filed another report with the agency alleging that a Manitoba RCMP officer had intentionally hit a dog who was sitting in a roadway in Pukatawagan, Manitoba. As a result of another I.I.U. investigation in July, a different individual was charged following allegations that an off-duty RCMP officer in northern Manitoba had sexually assaulted a minor.