Mytoba Team becomes Manitoba Post, the Home of Local News


WINNIPEG, MB. – People have been asking me over the last several weeks, what happened to my homepage? As you know, in the last month, not one but two local news platforms simply vanished in one day.

The first, Metro Winnipeg, was purchased by the owners of the Winnipeg Sun and immediately shut down. Eliminated. Why? It was simply the fastest way to eliminate a competitor and close them up. The second was MyToba, which suddenly became a landing/copy page for CTV News.

I know so many people that loved what we were doing on MyToba, and we loved doing it. People read it every day and made it their homepage. Our team worked hard to produce the best news site in the province and we were very proud of that.

So, Now What?

I went to visit a good friend, Dorothy Dobbie. She loves and believes in Manitoba, and when I told her what I wanted to do she immediately began sharing ideas on how we could grow together. She is inspiring, knowledgeable, and a successful publisher in Manitoba. I couldn’t think of a better partner.

So now, together with Pegasus Publications, Dorothy Dobbie, and myself, we welcome you to The Manitoba Post. 100% locally owned and operated. The same great stories, local sports coverage, and local news you loved on Mytoba will now be found on

Our Promise to you has not changed:

We promise to tell the stories of Manitoba honestly, accurately, and proudly.

We promise to give you the facts in all stories. 100% trusted news coverage.

We promise NOT to tell you what to think. We’ll give you the facts and let you form your own opinion.

Our hope has not changed:

We still hope you will visit our page daily, make us your homepage and tell your friends to visit us.

We hope you’ll continue follow us on Twitter @manitobapost and “Like Us” on Facebook.

We hope you’ll shop at the businesses that advertise with us and tell businesses that don’t advertise with Manitoba post that they should. Let’s all support local!

We hope this is where Manitoba will keep Posting, meaning you. Please continue to provide us story tips, and comments. We want to hear from you if you have a story to tell or to give us feedback. We need you to be successful. Email me directly anytime at

We hope to prove the Big Boys in media wrong, “LOCAL” is what people really want and what people and business alike will support.


“Ian leatt and I and all our crew at Pegasus are thrilled to partner with Kevin and team at Manitoba Post”, said Dorothy Dobbie.

“Kevin believes, as I do, that local content is important to you. We want to share Manitoba’s news and views with you and we know that a combination of print plus digital gives everyone the best of both media worlds”.

Dorothy also added, “We have many exciting new features planned for you in the coming weeks. Make Manitoba Post your home page and stay tuned into the heartbeat of our province”.

Thank you for reading this story, for supporting our team, and thank you in advance for reading Manitoba Post each and every day.

Kevin Klein, The Manitoba Post

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