New Efficiencies for Film Classification

Laura ManningNews

WINNIPEG, MB. – The provincial government has introduced legislation that would allow film festivals to classify their own films or use classifications provided by other jurisdictions, and movie or video game retailers will no longer require a licence to operate.

“The Manitoba Film Classification Board has served this province well, but it’s time to rethink the idea of having the same work done in multiple jurisdictions,” Minister Cathy Cox said. “We need to be more efficient with our resources and give industry a single point of contact for classification services.”

Discussions are already underway by the current Manitoba Film Classification board chair to negotiate an agreement with Consumer Protection British Columbia (CPBC) to provide classification services for Manitoba.

Saskatchewan has already partnered with CPBC to provide these services, giving distributors one contact for classification. Moving Manitoba in line with that process will create efficiency and reduce red tape, Cox said.

“We thank the board for its efforts, especially as we transition to the new process,” the minister said.

The Manitoba government would maintain the authority to inspect and ensure proper classification of all film and video games in the Province of Manitoba.

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