No Strike At U Of M

Manitoba Post StaffNews

WINNIPEG – Students at the U of M were back to school as usual Monday as they prepared for the possibility of a strike, but school administrators and the union representing the faculty have reached a tentative agreement in their negotiations over wages for the 2020-2021 school year. The agreement includes the introduction of a COVID-19 stipend for faculty in recognition of their work since the pandemic began, and means there won’t be a UMFA strike on Tuesday. The deadline for mediation originally was for Saturday night at 11:59, but was extended for 24-hours. A vote for ratification is set to be held later this week.

According to Statistics Canada, the average salaries of professors at the University of Manitoba during this school year range from $111,825 for an assistant to $157,750 for a full professor, and teaching staff wages at U of M are up by an average of $1,175 more than last year. In addition to wage increases, the union had also requested more COVID-19-related support for faculty who are caring for children. University administration isn’t budging in that regard.