Part 1: Dr. Peterson Reveals Healthy Aging Secrets

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WINNIPEG, MB – I have always considered myself a healthy person. I believe I ate properly, I exercised enough, and that I would never age because I was doing the right things for my body. Well, I learned the hard way, that I was totally wrong. I was living in my own little world and I was beginning to age without truly noticing the effects.

I’m very fortunate that I’ve been on a journey the last few years that has allowed me to meet some of the most incredible health professionals in North America. These people include professors from Ivy League schools, such as Yale and Harvard who are medical researchers that have already made significant discoveries regarding aging smartly.

The sad truth is that during this entire time I have not put into practice what I have learned. This was truly a waste of the great gift I was given. I am now proud to say that this changed in June of this year. I’m on a mission to “change the way I age”. This is not about “Living Forever”, it’s about maintaining quality of life and enjoy the later years.

I started this journey with a visit to my doctor for a complete review of my health including full blood work, only to be told, “everything is OK you are just getting old.” WHAT? That’s not what I wanted to hear. I want to enjoy the later years of my life. Don’t you?

So, we are gong to change the way we age together. I have set out to interview these leading researchers and doctors helping people to age healthy, so that people can enjoy the second half of their lives.

That brings us to our first video. I had the pleasure of attending a clinic in Salt Lake City, Utah where I met with Dr. Peterson. He is an aging specialist, a doctor who is actually dedicated to “Preventative Medicine”, helping you age better, healthier, and happier.

Before we start the interview, I need your help. I will be meeting Dr. Peterson again in a week and I agreed to bring him 4 questions from people who are looking for healthy aging advice. Have one? email me at

Click play below to watch Part – 1 of my interview with Dr. Peterson.

Learn more about the work that Dr. Peterson and his team is doing at his website, here. Next week we will present part-2

Kevin Klein, Manitoba Post