Province Renews Tire Recycling Program

Manitoba Post StaffNews

The Manitoba government has announced that it will be continuing its program for recycling of used tires. Old tires can be turned into new products, such as playground flooring, turf fields, rubberized asphalt for roadways, welcome mats for your home or an anti-fatigue mat at work, or even garden mulch in place of woodchips.

Tire Stewardship Manitoba is one of the province’s 12 industry-funded producer responsibility organizations, which help recycle and properly dispose of a wide variety of designated materials, from packaging and printed paper to used motor oil and tires, household hazardous waste and empty beverage containers. More information about where to recycle these products can be found at

There are currently over 1,500 tire collection sites in Manitoba. In 2016, these sites recovered over 18,600 tonnes of scrap tires. The new five-year plan includes a recommendation to increase public awareness and sustain a recovery target of at least 90 per cent. One of the other priorities of the renewed program is providing convenient, provincewide access to tire recycling opportunities including in northern and remote communities.