Robbers Terrorize Victims for Hours as They Rob Multi-Suite Residence

Manitoba Post StaffNews

WINNIPEG – A group of people at a multiple-suite residence were held at gunpoint for several hours while the thieves went from suite to suite robbing them.

The incident occurred on December 12th at 5:00 am. in the 200 block of Austin Street. During the robbery the suspects forced all of the residents into a confined area where several of the residents were threatened. Both suspects were armed with guns and one of the suspects fired his a number of times and struck one of the victims in the upper body.

They also assaulted a number of the victims with a shotgun and a metal bar as they took cash, jewellery, electronics and clothing. The robbery took place over several hours and police responded while the suspects were still there.

Officers searched the residence and located two adult males and both firearms. The gunshot victim was taken to hospital where she was treated and released.

It was determined that the firearm was from a vehicle which was stolen on June 22, 2018. The vehicle, a grey 2014 Dodge Charger has not yet been located.

27 year-old Joey Ryce Chief of Brokenhead, Manitoba and 27 year-old Lidsay Jordan Mousseau of McDonald Manitoba face multiple charges including using a firearm to commit an offence, discharging a firearm with intent, aggravated assault, break and entry and forcible confinement.

Both men have been held at the Winnipeg Remand Centre.