Suspect Armed with Multiple Knives Threatens Police

Manitoba Post StaffNews

WINNIPEG – Winnipeg police were threatened by a man wielding multiple knives during a two-hour stand-off, as they tried to apprehend him in a multi-suite residence on Wellington Crescent.

The incident began on March 16 at 5:19 am.when police received a report of a man carrying several knives. When they arrived they tried to apprehend the suspect, who then armed himself with a 13 inch knife and threatened to stab and kill the officers.

Officers tried numerous times to verbally de-escalate the situation and eventually deployed their tasers, but were unsuccessful and the suspect barricaded himself in another room, still armed with his weapons.

Significant resources were deployed to secure the scene and ensure member and public safety during this armed and barricaded situation including

Tactical Support teams

General Patrol units

Tactical Emergency Medical Services Team (WFPS)

After approximately 2 hours, the male was successfully taken into custody without incident and conveyed to hospital regarding an existing medical condition.

23 year old Kyle Anthony Traverse of Winnipeg, Manitoba has been arrested and charged with the following:

4 x Assault Peace Officer with a Weapon

2 x Possession of a Weapon

Traverse was remanded into custody.