Suspects Fleeing US Law Enforcement Arrested by RCMP

Manitoba Post StaffNews

MANITOBA – Two suspects are in custody after stealing a truck and illegally crossing the US-Canada Border.

On February 28th at approximately 10:30 pm, RCMP received a notification from US law enforcement in North Dakota, that a vehicle they were pursuing drove through the border at the Dunseith border crossing (Boissevain) and had entered Canada. The Canada Border Services Agency also notified the RCMP of the illegal crossing.

The US law enforcement agency advised the RCMP that the vehicle had failed to stop for a traffic violation. Attempts to stop the vehicle in the US with a spike belt had failed but the attempt did result in damage to the wheels of the vehicle. Canada Border Services Agency also attempted to stop the vehicle at the Boissevain border crossing but the vehicle failed to stop.

ManSuspects Fleeing US Law Enforcement Arrested by RCMP

RCMP officers attended and began patrolling the area.

In the early morning hours of February 29, RCMP officers located the suspect vehicle approximately 10 km from the US border on Highway 10.

Two suspects, a 34-year-old female and a 35-year-old male, were located in the vehicle and were arrested without incident.

It was later determined that the vehicle was stolen from Minnesota.

Both suspects are currently in custody.