The Week Before Christmas Will be Sunny and Cool


Winnipeg, MB. – After a few above average temperatures, the three day forecasted temperatures are getting colder and colder for of Manitoba, however, we will have sunny skies in most of the province.

Winnipeg – Monday will have a mix os fun and clouds with a nice warm high of plus 2 for the day. Tuesday is when things start to cool down in the city, the high will only reach minus 6 during the day with a low of minus 19 overnight. Wednesday and for the rest of the week temperatures will hover around minus 19 with sunny skies.

Thompson – Monday will bring some light flurries and a daytime high of minus 5. Tuesday, Wednesday and most of the week the temperatures will be much cooler, highs of minus 21 with lots of sunshine.

Winkler – Monday will be cloudy for he most part but, warm with the high reaching plus 2. Sunshine returns on Tuesday and it’ll be a little cooler with a high of minus 4. Wednesday the daytime high will only be minus 13 with a 60% chance of flurries.

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