‘The Winnipeg’ Hot Wheels

Christopher M. DiogoNews

WINNIPEG – The Hot Wheels brand has been speeding around the world since it was introduced in 1968 by Mattel.

Produced and released only in 1974, this diecast miniature car is a recolouring of the Chaparral 2G which was dubbed “The Winnipeg” by its designer, Ira Gilford.

Mattel took designing toys very seriously. Gilford was hired away from a career at Chrysler where he produced schematics for real cars.

“The Winnipeg” Flying Colors Hot Wheels car isn’t necessarily the motherload of diecast vintage treasures but it can certainly pull in a pretty penny. This particular model, new in the box, recently sold at auction for just over $200!

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'The Winnipeg' Hot Wheels