Top 3 YouTube Videos of 2017


WINNIPEG, MB. – As the end of 2017 approaches we wanted to take a quick look at the Top Videos on YouTube for the year.

In at number one, according to Time, is Until We Will Become Dust – Oyster Masked | THE MASK SINGER 2. The video features a performance from a popular singing competition in Asia and it was the top trending video of the year with over 181 million views. The show, known as The Mask Singer, requires it’s performers to wear masks to conceal their identities.

At number two, it’s a dance trio choreographed to ED SHEERAN – Shape of You | Kyle Hanagami Choreography. This had over 125 million views and is the most-viewed choreography video, according to YouTube.

Coming in at number 3, with 98 million plus views it’s Ping Pong Trick Shots 3 | Dude Perfect.

Finally, my personal favourite, which was number 5 for the year, is Ed Sheeran on James Corden’s popular Carpool Karaoke. Sure it only has 41 million views, but it is just plain entertaining.

Kevin Klein, Manitoba Post

Photo – YouTube