Two Hour Crime Spree Ends in Arrest for Winnipeg Man

Manitoba Post StaffNews

WINNIPEG – A 20 year-old man was the victim of a car-jacking at Edmonton Street and Broadway Avenue during the morning commute.

The victim was driving his cargo van at 9:00 am. when a man jumped into the passenger side of his vehicle armed with a knife. The victim quickly got out and the suspect took off in his van.

Half an hour later the stolen cargo van cut off another vehicle on Fermor Avenue, causing him to stop. The suspect tried to get in his vehicle, but it was locked. He ordered the victim out of his car and threatened him but the victim refused to open his door. The suspect then got back in the stolen cargo van and took off.

The suspect later abandoned the cargo van on Morier Avenue and located an unoccupied running vehicle nearby. He entered the vehicle and attempted to drive away but got stuck in the snow.

The suspect then entered another vehicle in the area and stole clothing which he put on. The owner confronted the suspect who indicated he was armed with a gun, returned the victim’s clothing and fled on foot.

The suspect then entered an unlocked garage on Haig Avenue where he stole two jackets and a sweater.

Two hours into his crime spree, Winnipeg Police K9 unit tracked the suspect to the garage and placed him under arrest.

22 year-old Riley Craig Vermette has been charged with:

Robbery X3

Theft of Motor Vehicle

Break, Enter and Theft

Drive Without a Licence or With Valid Licence

He has been detained at the Winnipeg Remand Centre.