Ukraine High School Students to Study Manitoba Curriculum


WINNIPEG – Students at Novopecherska School in Kyiv, Ukraine will now have an opportunity to earn a Manitoba high school diploma.

“Manitoba is proud of its strong ties to Ukraine and excited for this new partnership that will allow students in Kyiv to study the Manitoba curriculum,” said Goertzen. “We hope international high school students who graduate with a Manitoba diploma will consider Canada as an option for their post-secondary studies. The province’s post-secondary education system is internationally recognized for its leading-edge facilities and first-rate educators, and is an excellent choice for international students.”

The agreement authorizes Novopecherska to offer a Manitoba Blended Program for grades 9 to 12, and allows students who complete all credits and program requirements to graduate with a Manitoba high school diploma and a Ukrainian high school diploma. Students will be encouraged to use the Manitoba diploma to apply to Canadian post-secondary institutions.

“Today Ukraine passes an important stage of reform. And the education reform might be the most important, because it determines the future of the whole country directly. We are glad to have Canada as a partner on this path, as its educational systems are trusted by the most countries of the world,” said Zoiya Lytvyn, head, supervisory board/founder of Novopecherska School. “We also hope that this co-operation will allow us to attract more experts from Manitoba for building the professional educational environment of Ukraine.”

Novopecherska School is considered a model for Ukrainian educational reform and is a national benchmark of modern Ukrainian education, the minister noted.

“We are currently developing global educational partnerships as a part of our strategic plan,” said Irena Korbabicz-Putko, principal, Novopecherska School. “Ukraine has a historical relationship with Manitoba via diaspora and we are looking to collaboratively develop educational opportunities for students and teachers.”

The agreement between Manitoba and Novopecherska School is the first Canada-Ukraine bilateral agreement that supports a dual program of studies leading to a high school diploma.

“I am very happy to learn the news about the signing of memorandum of understanding between the government of Manitoba and Novopecherska School in Kyiv, Ukraine,” said Andriy Shevchenko, ambassador of Ukraine to Canada. “Over 100 years ago, Ukrainian pioneers came to Manitoba and contributed greatly to building this flourishing province. Today, in return, Manitoba is helping enormously to shape a prosperous and democratic Ukraine by sharing its experience in educating the youth. I can’t think of a better investment into Ukraine’s future.”

The Manitoba Schools Overseas Program is available in a number of countries, which authorizes schools outside Canada to offer the Manitoba curriculum.