WFPS Asks Residents to Help Reduce the Risk of Arson

Manitoba Post StaffNews

WINNIPEG – The Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service (WFPS) is taking steps to reduce the number of purposely set fires by reminding property owners to identify and reduce their potential fire hazards.

In May 2018, there were 64 incendiary and suspicious fires in Winnipeg. If a property is found to have a fire risk, fire fighters will provide the property owner with an information pamphlet and instructions on how to reduce the identified fire risks.

The following are additional fire prevention tips property owners can take to prevent the risk of arson:

Put your garbage and recycling carts as well as yard waste out on your collection day

Dispose of garbage, yard waste, lumber, and bulky waste (such as mattresses or couches) properly and promptly

Contact 311 to schedule a pickup of your bulky waste items or to report fire hazards

Keep all garbage, bulky waste, and firewood well away from your house or garage

Use motion-activated lights to brighten the outside of your home or garage

Members of the public are also reminded to contact the Winnipeg Police Service’s non-emergency line if they notice someone entering a vacant structure.

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