Winnipeg Checkkstop Numbers for Week 1


WINNIPEG, MB. – The first weekend of the Winnipeg Festive Season Checkstop program resulted in some arrests, warnings, and tickets.

The Manitoba RCMP said earlier this week, in a story published by The Manitoba Post, that they felt Manitobans we’re not learning, the RCMP found more than 20 people driving while impaired.

Here are the numbers from week 1 (Friday, December 1 to Thursday, December 7):

– A total of 1,516 vehicles were stopped.

– 26 road-side breath tests administered resulting in 5 warns and 2 fails.

– 14 impaired driving-related arrests, plus 2 other arrests.

– 38 tickets were issued.

The Festive Season Checkstop program will run every day for the month of December, including New Year’s Eve. Motorists can expect to see an increased presence of police officers on Winnipeg roadways, enforcing Impaired Driving legislation.

The Manitoba Post

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