Winnipeg Foundation Announces $5.27 Million in Grants

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WINNIPEG -The Winnipeg Foundation has announced $5.27 million in grants support for mental health, addictions and community safety programming.

At its Annual Celebration at the Spence Neighbourhood Association Magnus Eliason Recreation Centre, The Winnipeg Foundation announced new strategic grants support totalling $5.27 million for charities that work in mental health, addictions and community safety. It also announced results of its unprecedented 2019 fiscal year.

Mental health and addictions are often linked to inequality, poverty, and colonialism, and can also lead to concerns over community safety. Based on feedback from the charitable sector and community leaders through focus groups and ongoing conversations, The Foundation has developed a strategic response falling under four pillars: Prevention, Crisis Intervention, Treatment and Post-Treatment. Today, The Foundation announced $5.27 million in grants support for mental health, addictions and community safety programming.

“This approach has given The Foundation the opportunity to collaborate with other organizations serving the City in the areas of mental health, addictions and neighbourhood safety in our community,” says Doneta Brotchie, Chair of The Winnipeg Foundation Board of Directors. “With support totaling $5.27 million, The Foundation’s strategy aims to augment and enhance existing services provided by frontline organizations, and also to invest in long-term treatment and recovery facilities, to help address these urgent community issues.”

“We know this investment will not eliminate mental health and addictions challenges in our community, nor will it address every neighbourhood safety issue, however we are confident this strategy will better equip the organizations dealing directly with their pressing community issues. As a community, we must work together,” Brotchie added.

“When we consulted with frontline service providers, they told us about the hurdles they face when addressing the challenging demands placed on them daily,” says Megan Tate, The Foundation’s Director of Community Grants. “We are optimistic this support will help them address these new demands.”

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