Winnipeg Indigenous Films Screen in Hollywood at LA Skins Fest

Marty GoldArts

The 12th Annual LA SKINS FEST peaks this weekend in Hollywood and Indigenous films from Winnipeg are in the mix for honours.

The Festival, presented by Comcast NBCUniversal, “offers a genuine voice for emerging Native American actors, filmmakers, writers, directors and our community of artists.” and is backed by high-end sponsors from the studios and major domos of the film business.

Saturday morning in the 9.30-10.30 slot at the TCL Chinese Theatre #6, the first of two Manitoba entrants into this prestigious film festival will light up the screen.

In Red River Roots, Jesse Carriere heard about his family’s role in the North-West Rebellion. He knew that his great great great uncle Damase did not come home and went in search of his final resting place. Jesse takes viewers on a spiritual journey from Winnipeg to Batoche, Saskatchewan tracing his Metis heritage.

The short was helmed by Carriere’s co-writer, Rachel Beaulieu, carrying the Can Dream Production banner. It is entered in the Native Connection Film Program.

Later on Saturday between 6-8 PM, a Manitoba short is primed to surprise in the Native Shorts Program 1. Star Line portrays a woman on the run who opens the last door in an apartment building. Two young girls are inside the space, and offer sanctuary, asking only for a story in exchange. As Wanda tells them the legend of Star Girl and Wolverine, flashbacks to her own tumultuous past emerge in parallel to her tale.

Directed and writen by Nikita Day – sharing producer credits with Ryan Wilson and Chris Eastman – the eerie drama is toplined by former APTN reporter and noted comedienne Jaydon Flett as Wanda. Her ‘audience’ is played by Hazel and Jasmine Wallace.

On Sunday afternoon in a Screening Category at the same venue, Case Number # # # # is set in a CFS home visit, with a sister facing scrutiny of her custody of her younger brother, whose sense of humour might be taken the wrong way by a social worker. Darcy Waite pulled triple credit on the creative billing.