Winnipeg Man Injured After a Man Drove Onto the Sidewalk and Struck Him

Manitoba Post StaffNews

WINNIPEG – A 37-year-old man is in jail after driving his vehicle onto the sidewalk in order to hit a man that he had an argument with moments earlier.

Police say on Friday, just before midnight, they came across the victim on Kennedy Street. A man was stumbling on sidewalk, witnesses in the area told police that a vehicle had just sped off.

The vehicle returned to the scene a short time later and police arrested the driver. The victim, a male in his 30’s, was taken to hospital in stable condition.

The suspect was also taken to hospital due to injuries he sustained during the incident and was released a short time later.

Police believe the victim and the suspect had been together in the Central Park area when they got into a verbal argument. The men then got in the suspect’s vehicle and drove away at which time the victim was threatened.

The suspect and the victim, on Ferry Street, became engaged in a mutual fight. After the fight, they both returned to the Central Park area and the victim left on foot.

At this time, the suspect drove up onto a sidewalk and struck the man with his vehicle causing a number of injuries.

Police have charged Eyasu Gidyelew, a 37-year-old man from Winnipeg, with:

– Dangerous Operation of Motor Vehicle Cause Bodily Harm

– Assault with a Weapon

– Uttering Threats – Cause Death or Bodily Harm