Winnipeg Police Charge Two Males for Rash of Break-Ins


WINNIPEG, MB. – Two men have been charged for a rash of break-ins that occurred in Winnipeg over the last several months.

The break-ins, all with a similar MO, happened throughout the City of Winnipeg between April 25 and December 6, of this year.

In each case the culprit or culprits used bodily force to enter single-family residences and would specifically target the theft of gold and jewelry.

On December 6, around 2:30 p.m., 2 suspects broke into a residence on Blenheim Ave. where they stole jewellery and wrapped Christmas presents. They then took off in a vehicle which neighbours saw.

About an hour later police found the vehicle and arrested 2 men.

Jason Kenneth Lundberg, 42, has been charged with:

  • Break, Enter and Theft x 71
  • Possess Weapon x 63
  • Fail to Comply with Recognizance
  • 2 firearms related offences


Jamie Leonard Brenner, 40, has been charged with:

  • Break, Enter and Theft x 2

The value of the stolen property is estimated at $180,000. Damage to property is estimated at $60,000.

The Manitoba Post

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