Winnipeg Police Warn of Kidnapping Scam

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WINNIPEG, MB. – Winnipeg Police warning people about a “Kidnapping” scam that has surfaced recently in the city.

It’s known as virtual kidnapping and it has been around for a number of years and it has recently surfaced locally.

In a news release police said; “According to an FBI website, virtual kidnapping is an extortion scheme which tricks the victim into paying a ransom to free a loved one who they are made to believe is being threatened with violence or death. Typically the loved one is out of the country. In fact, no one has been kidnapped, but the victims are threatened and coerced to believe they have, and quickly pay a ransom.”

Winnipeg Police are reporting 2 incidents of these frauds in the city. The first was on January 9, and the second on January 10. In both cases the victim wired funds, less that $5,000 each, to an out-of-country area code.

Tips on how you can protect yourself from this type of fraud are outlined in the FBI website, click here.

If you have been targeted by this type of fraud please call Winnipeg Police at (204) 986-6222.

Kevin Klein, Manitoba Post

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