Winnipeg Police’s “Project Whip” Leads to Multiple Arrests


WINNIPEG, MB. – After a lengthy investigation, called Project Whip, Winnipeg Police have laid several charges against four men, three from Winnipeg and one from Calgary.

During the summer of 2016, Winnipeg Police started to receive several reports of used luxury vehicles being fraudulently obtained by using forgedID’s. During a two month period, eight vehicles were successfully obtained from various dealerships with a combined value of $520,000.

Police said, with the help of CBSA, two of the vehicles were recovered in a shipping container in the Port of Montreal bound for overseas.

In October and December of 2016, another three vehicles were fraudulently obtained using fakes ID’s once again. Members of the Financial Crime Unit created Project Whip in response to what was now a very concerning fraud trend.

Investigators were able to determine that bank accounts were being opened outside of Manitoba using forged out of province driver’s licences and forged employment records. Those same suspects then arrived in Winnipeg and financed vehicles using those same fake ID’s and associated bank accounts. They were able to obtain the following vehicles:

– 2016 Chrysler 300

– 2012 Mercedes C63

– 2012 Range Rover

Police were able to recover two of the vehicles in Winnipeg and one in the RM of Ritchot. On January 5, 2017, a search warrant was executed at a home on Red Oak Drive in the city. Several arrests were made at that time related to the investigation.

Further investigation led to the identification of other people involved in this criminal scheme. The following were arrested during the course of the investigation and charged for their involvement. They are currently before the courts. Police did say in a release, “ Investigation has revealed that this group is not responsible for the initial 8 vehicles that were obtained in the summer of 2016.”

Bemy Solow Nendaka, a 31-year-old male of Winnipeg.

Participate in a Criminal Organization

Fraud Over $5,000, Posses Property Obtained by Crime Over $5,000

Possess/Use Forged Document et al…

Amadou Diaby, a 26-year-old male of Winnipeg.

Participate in a Criminal Organization

Fraud Over $5,000, Posses Property Obtained by Crime Over $5,000

Identity Theft, Possess/Use Forged Document et al…

Kyle George Andrysiak, a 22-year-old male of Calgary, Alberta.

Participate in a Criminal Organization

Fraud Over $5,000, Identity Fraud, Identity Theft

Use Forged Document et al….

Sekou Amadou Dicko, a 48-year-old male of Winnipeg.

Possess Property Obtained by Crime Over $5,000

Possess Identity Document (x4)

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