Winnipeg Souvenir Spoon

Christopher M. DiogoNews

WINNIPEG – Souvenir spoons first became a thing in Europe in the mid-1800’s.

They soon made their way around the world, as wealthy travellers returned home from European tours.

Collecting souvenir spoons became especially popular around the time of the Chicago World Fair in 1893, the same year silver prices collapsed.

This gave businesses cheap access to a high quality material for their decorative spoons.

This Winnipeg-based sterling silver spoon, likely produced between 1900 and 1940, features city hall within the bowl and a symbol of Canada’s Indigenous pride on the handle.

The spoon only weighs 21.2 grams so its true value is in its vintage appeal. It sold on eBay for $90.77.

Winnipeg Souvenir Spoon

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